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Zuisho-ji supports talented young artists!

We provide a venue for artists to present their works (exhibitions) upon handing in the written oath and agreeing to the terms listed below.

  • The venue will be free of charge.
  • Exhibition days will be a total of four days; three days (Fri, Sat & Sun) for exhibition/presentation use, and one day for setting/cleaning up.
  • Seven days is the maximum number of days for use.
  • Either two weeks following the weekend schedule (above), or seven consecutive days.
  • Open hours are to be from 11am to 7pm. (Must report to the office after closing)
  • Receptions are allowed if they are included in the days of contract. (All garbage must be taken home)
  • Use appropriate constructing equipment provided. Setting up/removing props must be done by the artist. Cleaning up is mandatory.
  • Must report if any damage is done to the equipment or facility and should be repaired or compensated.
  • No service involving money should be carried out. (Ex. entrance fees, selling art work, etc.)
  • No parking is allowed within the premise. (Except for the artist’s)
  • Art work will be examined beforehand. (To check if the content is appropriate for the temple)
  • Hall use must be under the supervision of Zuisho-ji.
  • Submit written oath upon full understanding to the terms listed above.
  • Zuisho-ji welcomes any contribution or donation of art work upon the artist’s will.